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2 Player Boxing games

  • Drunken Wrestlers

    Drunken Wrestlers

    Fight each other in this amazing wrestling game where you battle it out between two athletes who are so drunk that they can b...

    22% play
  • Boxing Random

    Boxing Random

    Play a boxing match to find out who is the best digital boxer that is in the ring. You are able to play against a computer co...

    56% play
  • Kuja


    After a great party in the club you get into a fight with some annoying partygoers. Knock everybody out before they take you ...

    35% play
  • Boxing Physics

    Boxing Physics

    Box against a friend or computer, this won't be easy because you can only use one button in this physics game, Use the up arr...

    36% play
  • Backyard Boxing

    Backyard Boxing

    Boxing is an exciting form of martial arts where it is only allowed to hit your opponent while wearing boxing gloves. Luckily...

    47% play
  • Drunken Boxers

    Drunken Boxers

    Try to beat your drunk opponent in this boxing game. Try to hit eachother while being drunk. Use A-D or arrow keys to move an...

    41% play
  • Hot Blood Boxing

    Hot Blood Boxing

    Step into the ring and prepare yourself for a serious boxing match. Blocking and dodging the punches of your rival is as impo...

    47% play
  • 4096 Punch

    4096 Punch

    Do you like to punch digital people in the face until their pixel blood flies on your screen? Then it’s time to play 4096 p...

    52% play
  • Fist Bump

    Fist Bump

    Fist Bump is an amazing 2 player game which is free to play online! The premise is to combine different geometrical shapes to...

    60% play
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Two player Boxing games

Collection of 2 player boxing games.