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  • Yahtzee dice game

    Yahtzee dice game

    Yahtzee is one of the most important dice games that history has ever crafted. In this free online browser game you throw the...

    49% play
  • Reversi


    Reversi is a strategy board game for two players (friend or computer). Play as white or black and players need to place his c...

    42% play
  • 2 Player Chess

    2 Player Chess

    Who is the first to say checkmate? Play a classical game of chess against a friend (turns) or computer. Use your mouse to pla...

    39% play
  • Master Checkers

    Master Checkers

    Play the classic board game Checkers! Choose black or white and jump over all your opponent pieces. Play against a friend or ...

    45% play
  • Puzzle Freak

    Puzzle Freak

    This game is best described as monopoly with puzzles that adds a large twist to the rules. Become the biggest puzzle geek on ...

    40% play
  • Ludo with friends

    Ludo with friends

    Ludo is an amazing board game for the whole family. Together you throw the dice in turns to try to move all the four pieces b...

    56% play
  • Taunt


    Prepare for battle! Enter a game of Taunt and play against one of your friends or a computer controlled character to find out...

    47% play
  • Our World of Pixels

    Our World of Pixels

    Our World Of Pixels is a drawing game to play for free online. Together with a whole community of pixel drawing players you s...

    53% play
  • Colonist io

    Colonist io

    Colonist io is a game that resembles the gameplay of the populair board game Settlers of Catan. Develop your civilization to ...

    52% play
  • Carrom


    Carrom is an arcade multiplayer game that resembles billiard games as pool or snooker with the rules that are a bit similair ...

    52% play
  • Parcheesi


    Parcheesi is a classic board game in which you have to throw the dice in order to move forward. The rules are similair to the...

    54% play
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Two player Board games

Collection of 2 player board games.