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2 Player Zombie games

  • Ultraman vs Alien Zombies

    Ultraman vs Alien Zombies

    It’s that time again…a vicious horde of alien zombies has invaded the earth! It’s up to the cosmic hero named Ultraman ...

    40% play
  • Zombie Last Guard

    Zombie Last Guard

    In Zombie Last Guard you are the leading force behind the last survivors and must try to take back all the areas that the zom...

    61% play
  • Zombie to shoot

    Zombie to shoot

    Sigh…how original…it’s that time again, zombies are attack the city. It’s your job to kill them all to clear the city...

    23% play
  • Zomboids Challenge

    Zomboids Challenge

    Oh no, it is that time again: zombies are planning an invasion and are aiming for world domination! Try to survive as long as...

    34% play
  • Zombie Mission X

    Zombie Mission X

    In Zombie Mission X you can take down the zombies and rescue all the innocent people with one or two players. Join Emily and ...

    56% play
  • Zombie: Little and Giant

    Zombie: Little and Giant

    A small zombie and a big zombie are having an argument. They both decide to duel it out on an icy field. The goal of the game...

    45% play
  • Zombeat io

    Zombeat io

    Become a zombie in Zombeat io! Instead of banding together to destroy the humans it’s time to make out who is the strongest...

    43% play
  • Zombits Trouble Chapter 2

    Zombits Trouble Chapter 2

    Get Ready for some maniacal zombie madness! The walking dead are coming, prepare to defend yourself against the hordes of bra...

    32% play
  • Fombies


    No this is not another game where zombies are starring as your main enemy. The Fombies are children who gave the name to thei...

    41% play
  • Nightwalkers io

    Nightwalkers io

    Nightwalkers .io is a great multiplayer game in the io universe. The field is crowded by evil undead creatures that want to k...

    44% play
  • Zombies with guns io

    Zombies with guns io is an intens multiplayer game that unfolds it in the arena that is filled with the walking dead. Your miss...

    45% play
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Two player Zombie games

Collection of 2 player zombie games.