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2 Player Running games

  • 2 Souls

    2 Souls

    These two robots from the future share one goal: They are trying to reach the ending of the dangerous parcours they are on. C...

    34% play
  • Gravity Guy

    Gravity Guy
    31% play
  • G-Switch 2

    G-Switch 2

    Jump from platform to platform while changing the gravity. What's your best run in G-Switch 2? Play up to 6 players on a sing...

    28% play
  • Narciccus


    The goal of this tough action game with challenging platforming levels is to reach the ending of each level with two players ...

    54% play
  • G-Switch 3

    G-Switch 3

    Welcome to the third chapter of G-Switch! You have to control a running futuristic man again and try to make a way to dodge t...

    21% play
  • G-Switch


    You are able to manipulate the force of gravity in this endless runner game which makes it able to run upside down against th...

    34% play
  • Big Birds Racing

    Big Birds Racing

    In this multiplayer racing game that can be played up to four players at the same time it's time to pick your favorite big bi...

    32% play
  • Potato Father and Son

    Potato Father and Son

    Potato son is being framed, the rumors go that he has murdered the potato king. The king flew into a rage and sent all the so...

    41% play
  • Hardest Run

    Hardest Run

    You need to run like hell in this runner game together to make it to the end! Choose a creature with your friend and team up ...

    44% play
  • Super Viking Breakfast

    Super Viking Breakfast

    Plundering and conquering other territories is hard work and therefor it has made these two Vikings very hungry! Help them fe...

    43% play
  • Rush


    Rush is an exciting endless runner game which can be played up to four players at the same time. Find out who is the best run...

    37% play
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Two player Running games

Collection of 2 player running games.