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  • Bad Ice-Cream

    Bad Ice-Cream

    Start clicking and licking with this ice-cream game where you control one of the different ice-cream flavors. Try to eat all ...

    31% play
  • Regular Show Forgotten Lands

    Regular Show Forgotten Lands

    Mordecai and Rigby must move and fly to collect all the items to leave desert island. Beware of traps and enemies in the form...

    35% play
  • Wrestle Jump

    Wrestle Jump

    Welcome to the wrestling arena and let’s get ready to ruuuuumbleeeee! Take on the role of a muscled wrestler and challenge ...

    26% play
  • Milk the Cow

    Milk the Cow

    In this crazy two player cow game you must milk the udders of a cow as fast as you can! Challenge your friend to find out who...

    47% play
  • Soccer Physics

    Soccer Physics

    A soccer/football 2 player game you can't stop playing: Soccer Physics. Player 1 use up and player 2 use W and try to score a...

    24% play
  • Tug the Table

    Tug the Table

    Battle it out with a friend in this table tug game! Pull the table to drag your ragdoll opponent to the other side of the scr...

    27% play
  • Konkey Dong

    Konkey Dong

    Donkey Kong is considered a classic in the world of video games. In this free to play browser game the rules are turned upsid...

    50% play
  • Lunar Lemurs

    Lunar Lemurs

    The Lunar Lemurs Mada and Saha are going on a quest to find the forgotten land of Tsingy! Assist them in their quest together...

    34% play
  • Sumos


    A sumo is a fat Asian wrestler that tries to beat the other sumo by pushing him out of the ring or putting his face in the sa...

    38% play
  • Drunken Wrestlers

    Drunken Wrestlers

    Fight each other in this amazing wrestling game where you battle it out between two athletes who are so drunk that they can b...

    21% play
  • Flappy Little Pony

    Flappy Little Pony

    Flappy Little Pony, is just like Flappy Bird help her avoid all trees. Use your mouse or space bar to flap.

    43% play
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Two player Funny games

Collection of 2 player funny games.