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  • Tap Wars

    Tap Wars

    Get your fingers ready, because it's time for Tap Wars! Tap or click as fast as possible in the selected area and make your f...

    46% play
  • Bad Ice-Cream

    Bad Ice-Cream

    Start clicking and licking with this ice-cream game where you control one of the different ice-cream flavors. Try to eat all ...

    31% play
  • Crazy Ball

    Crazy Ball

    Your task in this sports game is simple, put the ball into your opponents basket and stop him from doing the same to your bas...

    50% play
  • Duck Bumps

    Duck Bumps

    Duck Bumps is another great multiplayer game on which can be played up to four players at the same time. Pick you...

    45% play
  • Pinata warriors

    Pinata warriors

    Select your favorite warrior and start smashing those festive piñatas! With different weapons. Mash that button faster than ...

    47% play
  • Monopoly io

    Monopoly io

    Monopoly is still one of the most played family games across the world. In this multiplayer io version, you play the classic ...

    48% play
  • Sworm io

    Sworm io

    Sworm io is an amazing multiplayer game and very different from the other io wormlike games. The gameplay is the same, you co...

    48% play
  • Donut vs Donut

    Donut vs Donut

    Did ever see Donuts battling against each other? No? Then play Donut vs Donut, choose your own donut with one of the keys and...

    21% play
  • Sumos


    A sumo is a fat Asian wrestler that tries to beat the other sumo by pushing him out of the ring or putting his face in the sa...

    40% play
  • Drunken Wrestlers

    Drunken Wrestlers

    Fight each other in this amazing wrestling game where you battle it out between two athletes who are so drunk that they can b...

    21% play
  • Wrestle Jump

    Wrestle Jump

    Welcome to the wrestling arena and let’s get ready to ruuuuumbleeeee! Take on the role of a muscled wrestler and challenge ...

    27% play
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Two player Funny games

Collection of 2 player funny games.