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2 Player Football games

  • Soccer Physics

    Soccer Physics

    A soccer/football 2 player game you can't stop playing: Soccer Physics. Player 1 use up and player 2 use W and try to score a...

    25% play
  • Sports Heads Football 2

    Sports Heads Football 2

    In the second part of Sport Heads Football it’s time to start a one on one duel between a computer controlled football play...

    31% play
  • Mini Ball

    Mini Ball

    Gooooaaaalllll!! It is very satisfying if you score a goal against your opponent, especially if it’s the winning goal that ...

    41% play
  • Car Football

    Car Football

    Soccer meets racing in the amazing flash game Car Football! Due to the popularity of the PC game Rocket League there are some...

    36% play
  • Heads Arena Euro Soccer

    Heads Arena Euro Soccer

    ‘Puppet Soccer’ should be a new genre that has been introduced by the ‘Heads’ games. Choose one of the characters and...

    31% play
  • Toon Cup 2019

    Toon Cup 2019

    Toon Cup 2019 is an amazing sports game where you play football against the best players from all over the world. Pick your f...

    38% play
  • Space Football

    Space Football

    In the near future when man is settling on new planets across the galaxy football is still the number one sport. This multipl...

    25% play
  • Swing Soccer

    Swing Soccer

    Swing with a rope and try to score in the other goal in this funny 2 player football game. Player 1: use WASD and release you...

    30% play
  • Football Legends 2016

    Football Legends 2016

    Football Legends 2016 is a mutiplayer soccer game that you can play by yourself or with your friend on one computer. Choose y...

    19% play
  • Ragdoll Soccer

    Ragdoll Soccer

    Play a game of soccer with ragdoll phyisics! Try to scare as many times as possible in the football match. Player 1 : use W t...

    42% play
  • Soccer Blazt

    Soccer Blazt

    In this soccer game you are on the verge for victory with all the football heroes. Play against a computer controlled charact...

    57% play
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Two player Football games

Collection of 2 player football games.