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2 Player Football games

  • 1 vs 1 Football

    1 vs 1 Football

    Choose your favorite country and a player and start a game of 1 vs 1 soccer against your friend or computer. Use your head or...

    40% play
  • Football Legends 2016

    Football Legends 2016

    Football Legends 2016 is a mutiplayer soccer game that you can play by yourself or with your friend on one computer. Choose y...

    18% play
  • Swing Soccer

    Swing Soccer

    Swing with a rope and try to score in the other goal in this funny 2 player football game. Player 1: use WASD and release you...

    29% play
  • Cave Football

    Cave Football

    Start a match of Cave Football with one of your friends or fight it out against a computer controlled character. Cave Footbal...

    47% play
  • Corporate Soccer 2

    Corporate Soccer 2

    A soccer game which takes place in an office and which you can play with 4 players one keyboard? Try Corporate Soccer 2 now! ...

    30% play
  • Heads Arena Soccer Allstars

    Heads Arena Soccer Allstars

    Heads Arena Soccer Allstars is a free to play online football game in which you can play a game of football with one to four ...

    49% play
  • Puppet football fighters

    Puppet football fighters

    Puppet Football Fighters is an interesting crossover between a fighting game and a soccer game. Control the puppets like a re...

    46% play
  • Car Football

    Car Football

    Soccer meets racing in the amazing flash game Car Football! Due to the popularity of the PC game Rocket League there are some...

    35% play
  • Football Fury

    Football Fury

    Pick your favorite football team to enter this furious tournament where you have to beat all you opponents to win the golden ...

    45% play
  • Mini Ball

    Mini Ball

    Gooooaaaalllll!! It is very satisfying if you score a goal against your opponent, especially if it’s the winning goal that ...

    39% play
  • Pet Soccer

    Pet Soccer

    Cats and dogs are like fire and water, they just can’t seem to get along with each other. For once however they make an exc...

    36% play
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Two player Football games

Collection of 2 player football games.