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2 Player Football games

  • Soccer Physics

    Soccer Physics

    A soccer/football 2 player game you can't stop playing: Soccer Physics. Player 1 use up and player 2 use W and try to score a...

    24% play
  • FruitBall


    It's all about scoring in the right goal in FruitBall. Play a 1 on 1 game against a friend and try to kick the bad fruits in ...

    29% play
  • Football Legends 2016

    Football Legends 2016

    Football Legends 2016 is a mutiplayer soccer game that you can play by yourself or with your friend on one computer. Choose y...

    19% play
  • Football Fury

    Football Fury

    Pick your favorite football team to enter this furious tournament where you have to beat all you opponents to win the golden ...

    45% play
  • Heads Arena Euro Soccer

    Heads Arena Euro Soccer

    ‘Puppet Soccer’ should be a new genre that has been introduced by the ‘Heads’ games. Choose one of the characters and...

    31% play
  • Football Fizzix

    Football Fizzix

    Similar to Soccer Pysics, you need to score by using one button to let the ragdoll players jump in Football Fizzix. Player 1:...

    38% play
  • Goalkeeper


    Choose your favorite team and play a football match between two players. Choose if you want to play against a computer contro...

    46% play
  • Head Action World Cup

    Head Action World Cup

    Win the World Cup in Head Action World Cup! This exciting series of football matches occur at the 2010 South Africa World Cup...

    47% play
  • Table Football

    Table Football

    Table football, is it considered to be a real sport? In our opinion: yes it is! This exciting table football games proves tha...

    44% play
  • Space Football

    Space Football

    In the near future when man is settling on new planets across the galaxy football is still the number one sport. This multipl...

    25% play
  • Pet Soccer

    Pet Soccer

    Cats and dogs are like fire and water, they just can’t seem to get along with each other. For once however they make an exc...

    37% play
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Two player Football games

Collection of 2 player football games.