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2 Player Animal games

  • Fish Eat Fish

    Fish Eat Fish
    24% play
  • Doraemon Love

    Doraemon Love

    In the two player game Doraemon you take control with one of your friends over two cute little cats. These two cats have to w...

    37% play
  • Bunny Bloony Racing

    Bunny Bloony Racing

    In this third part of Bunny Bloony racing it’s not your assignment to inflate a balloon to explode it like in the past part...

    38% play
  • Swing Cat

    Swing Cat

    In this two player game you battle it out against a friend or a computer controlled character with the swing cats. The black ...

    47% play
  • Twin Cat Warrior

    Twin Cat Warrior

    Join the Twin Cat Warriors in this amazing platform game with interesting physics that are somewhat similar to the game Fireb...

    38% play
  • Cat Scratch

    Cat Scratch

    This game can be played up to three players, or ehm…three cats to be more precisely. Pick your favorite cat and fight again...

    40% play
  • Lunar Lemurs

    Lunar Lemurs

    The Lunar Lemurs Mada and Saha are going on a quest to find the forgotten land of Tsingy! Assist them in their quest together...

    33% play
  • Khan Kluay – The Last Battle

    Khan Kluay – The Last Battle

    Khan Kluay sounds like some kind of tribal Mayan war god but no, it’s the name of a cool 3D elephant fighting game. The big...

    37% play
  • Kangoo Fight

    Kangoo Fight

    Kangaroos are creatures that like to fight each other the way human boxers take on each other in the ring. In Kangoo Fight yo...

    45% play
  • Brother and Sister

    Brother and Sister

    Here’s a cool adventure between a brother and sister. They have a problem that they want to solve. The chicken that they ca...

    39% play
  • Pet Soccer

    Pet Soccer

    Cats and dogs are like fire and water, they just can’t seem to get along with each other. For once however they make an exc...

    35% play
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Two player Animal games

Collection of 2 player animal games.