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2 Player Animal games

  • Twin Cat Warrior

    Twin Cat Warrior

    Join the Twin Cat Warriors in this amazing platform game with interesting physics that are somewhat similar to the game Fireb...

    36% play
  • Fish Eat Fish

    Fish Eat Fish
    26% play
  • Doraemon Love

    Doraemon Love

    In the two player game Doraemon you take control with one of your friends over two cute little cats. These two cats have to w...

    36% play
  • Pet Soccer

    Pet Soccer

    Cats and dogs are like fire and water, they just can’t seem to get along with each other. For once however they make an exc...

    35% play
  • Cat Scratch

    Cat Scratch

    This game can be played up to three players, or ehm…three cats to be more precisely. Pick your favorite cat and fight again...

    40% play
  • Twin Cat Warrior 2

    Twin Cat Warrior 2

    The famous Twin Cat Warriors are back for a new adventure in this amazing two player game. This time they are on an adventure...

    34% play
  • Teddy Ball

    Teddy Ball

    The object of the game Teddy Ball is to score twenty points by getting the ball to hit the ground on the other side of the wa...

    43% play
  • Ninja Dog Quest

    Ninja Dog Quest

    Let’s go Ninja Dog! It’s time to defend our kingdom against the enemy cats! These cats are ninja’s too so it’s up to ...

    50% play
  • Conquer Antartica

    Conquer Antartica

    Command your penguin squad in order to gain power over the ice territory of Antarctica. You have to eliminate all the enemy p...

    33% play
  • Kungfu Rabbit

    Kungfu Rabbit

    A bunch of rabid lions led the army to attack the city, two rabbit ninja warriors are trying to defend the city with their fe...

    40% play
  • Dino Meat Hunt

    Dino Meat Hunt

    Collect all the meat with these dinosaurs and go to a safe haven! In this case you must help these giant prehistoric reptiles...

    36% play
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Two player Animal games

Collection of 2 player animal games.