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2 Player Animal games

  • Fish Eat Fish

    Fish Eat Fish
    27% play
  • Twin Cat Warrior 2

    Twin Cat Warrior 2

    The famous Twin Cat Warriors are back for a new adventure in this amazing two player game. This time they are on an adventure...

    35% play
  • Crazy Push off

    Crazy Push off

    Let’s get ready to rumble! Use your weapons and punches to kick your opponents of the platform. You can collect power ups t...

    41% play
  • Ninja Dog Quest

    Ninja Dog Quest

    Let’s go Ninja Dog! It’s time to defend our kingdom against the enemy cats! These cats are ninja’s too so it’s up to ...

    48% play
  • Sharkattack io

    Sharkattack io is a great arena game in which you take over the control of one of the predators of the ocean, and this big fi...

    48% play
  • Twin Cat Warrior

    Twin Cat Warrior

    Join the Twin Cat Warriors in this amazing platform game with interesting physics that are somewhat similar to the game Fireb...

    40% play
  • Cat Scratch

    Cat Scratch

    This game can be played up to three players, or ehm…three cats to be more precisely. Pick your favorite cat and fight again...

    46% play
  • Paw paw miaw

    Paw paw miaw

    Start your own catfight with one of the dangerous catfighters in Paw Paw Miaw! Each cat has its own abilities which you can u...

    46% play
  • Animal Wars

    Animal Wars

    Do you like the Worms series? Then you’ll love Animal Wars! The year is 2031, the human race has been wiped out by extreme ...

    48% play
  • Swing Cat

    Swing Cat

    In this two player game you battle it out against a friend or a computer controlled character with the swing cats. The black ...

    45% play
  • Pop Top Pups

    Pop Top Pups

    Molly and her new English friend Emily were given terrier puppies as a birthday present. Molly named hers Bennet because that...

    49% play
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Two player Animal games

Collection of 2 player animal games.