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  • Tank 3030

    Tank 3030

    It’s always war somewhere in the world. In the virtual world it’s all just a game that has been created for your amusemen...

    50% play
  • Pyramid Cat Adventure

    Pyramid Cat Adventure

    Pyramids are filled with strange objects and mysterious secrets. It’s up to you to assist these Pyramid cats to discover al...

    56% play
  • Tomb's Secrets Egypt

    Tomb's Secrets Egypt

    There are lots of secrets to be found that still need to be unearthed in Egypt. Join these two enthusiastic adventurers to be...

    100% play
  • Footy Hockey

    Footy Hockey

    In Footy Hockey you join a tournament with your footy hockey team. Try to win all the matches in the tournament to become the...

    22% play
  • Anime Legends 2.5

    Anime Legends 2.5

    In version 2.5 of Anime Legends the quest for the best fighter continues. Decide if you embark on a journey together with a f...

    17% play
  • Octopus Battle

    Octopus Battle

    The battle between all the octopuses underneath the oceans are continuing while life goes on for humans. Claim your territory...

    33% play
  • Super Mario War

    Super Mario War

    It’s war in Mario Land! No, Wario isn’t coming over to wreak havoc and create chaos. This time a money collecting race is...

    41% play
  • Teledoor


    You find yourself stuck in a maze which is full of strange teleporters. In order to get out of there you should move your pro...

    55% play
  • Alien Rescue

    Alien Rescue

    Get all the babies and deliver them to the space base because these alien babies are locked up by evil monsters. You must bec...

    50% play
  • Pengu Fish

    Pengu Fish

    Feed the penguins because they have run out of food in Antarctica! If that’s not enough you must also try to collect all di...

    37% play
  • Arcaneoid


    Who doesn’t know a variation of the game Arkanoid? The gameplay is best described as Pong combined with pinball elements. I...

    37% play
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