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  • Wrassling


    Start rotating your arms and try to throw your opponents out of the ring in Wrassling. Play a challenging 1 player mode in wh...

    11% play
  • 1 vs 1 Knights

    1 vs 1 Knights

    1 vs 1 Knights is a wonderful fighting game whcih you can play against a friend or computer. Move with the knight try using t...

    24% play
  • Superfighters 2 Ultimate

    Superfighters 2 Ultimate

    Superfighters 2 Ultimate is the second part of the cool fighting arena game. Choose one character and punch or shoot the livi...

    27% play
  • Ninja Turtles Save New York

    Ninja Turtles Save New York

    The city needs a hero. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles once again volunteer to defend the city once again. Are you able to r...

    26% play
  • Super Fighters

    Super Fighters

    Enter the dangerous arena of skilled Super Fighters to fight against enemies in different sizes that want to kill you in retu...

    15% play
  • Super Smash

    Super Smash

    In Super Smash the wet dream of many gamers becomes true. Super Smash is a fighting game that takes place in different arena‚...

    26% play
  • Anime Legends 2.5

    Anime Legends 2.5

    In version 2.5 of Anime Legends the quest for the best fighter continues. Decide if you embark on a journey together with a f...

    46% play
  • Zazuki


    Fight aginst a friend or computer and see who the real Zazuki master. Hold down the S and down arrow key to start blocking an...

    37% play
  • 3D Fighting

    3D Fighting

    This 3D fighting game is like a dream come true for many gamers. The character roster is filled with legendary fighters from ...

    29% play
  • Drunken Boxers

    Drunken Boxers

    Try to beat your drunk opponent in this boxing game. Try to hit eachother while being drunk. Use A-D or arrow keys to move an...

    40% play
  • Slimecraft


    A great war is brooding in the kingdom of Slimecraft. Play against other players to conquer the kingdom. Each has their own p...

    43% play
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