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  • Wrassling


    Start rotating your arms and try to throw your opponents out of the ring in Wrassling. Play a challenging 1 player mode in wh...

    11% play
  • Super Fighters

    Super Fighters

    Enter the dangerous arena of skilled Super Fighters to fight against enemies in different sizes that want to kill you in retu...

    16% play
  • The King of Fighters

    The King of Fighters

    It’s now possible to play the King of Fighters for free online in the browser of your choice. There is lots of extra conten...

    26% play
  • Super Smash

    Super Smash

    In Super Smash the wet dream of many gamers becomes true. Super Smash is a fighting game that takes place in different arenaâ...

    26% play
  • Drunken Duel

    Drunken Duel

    These two guys had too much to drink! They have decided that it’s a good idea to engage in a duel while being drunk out of ...

    19% play
  • Chaos Faction 2

    Chaos Faction 2

    Chaos Faction is back! In part 2 you need to battle your way through 15 new campaign levels! Use all kinds of new weapons, ch...

    17% play
  • Cube Combat

    Cube Combat

    The most skilled fighters of the entire universe are selected to fight in this crazy arena. Beat all the enemies that have go...

    37% play
  • 3D Fighting

    3D Fighting

    This 3D fighting game is like a dream come true for many gamers. The character roster is filled with legendary fighters from ...

    30% play
  • Katanamaster io

    Katanamaster io

    Get in the arena of KatanaMasters io and start slicing and slashing all your opponents. Block their attacks and defend yourse...

    57% play
  • Dragon Ball Z

    Dragon Ball Z

    In this action packed fighting game the characters of the famous Japanese anime Dragon Ball Z are battling with each other to...

    37% play
  • Streetfighter Alpha

    Streetfighter Alpha

    In this homage to the amazing fighting game Streetfighter Alpha you can pick between a variety of fighters each with a differ...

    47% play
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