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  • Mighty Knight 2

    Mighty Knight 2

    The fantastic world of Mighty Knight need your help once again in this sequel. The devil and his army of demons are at it aga...

    20% play
  • Taming io

    Taming io

    Do you like to tame pets and craft your own buildings in order to simulate a village? Taming io offers you all these things, ...

    41% play
  • Pacifier Warrior

    Pacifier Warrior

    The pacifier warriors live on the milk bottle planet. One day, they went to adventure together. But their spaceship had an ac...

    36% play
  • Paul and Percy

    Paul and Percy

    Well, it’s time for a nice cup of tea in the fifth dimension far far away where the buddies Paul and Percy live. What a sad...

    52% play
  • Swords and Sandals Gladiator

    Swords and Sandals Gladiator

    Welcome to the arena young gladiator! Embark on an adventure with this beginning warrior and improve his skills to gain more ...

    49% play
  • Skincraft


    In Skincraft it’s time to create your very own personal Minecraft character. It’s possible in Skincraft to make your own ...

    39% play
  • Fish and Destroy 2

    Fish and Destroy 2

    Meet the monster fishes of the second part of Fish and Destroy! In this adventure they carry mighty weapons to take you out. ...

    45% play
  • Fombies


    No this is not another game where zombies are starring as your main enemy. The Fombies are children who gave the name to thei...

    41% play

    Enter the arena of! A cool multiplayer game where you will take on other players to show them what your skill level i...

    50% play
  • Adam and Eve: Lovequest

    Adam and Eve: Lovequest

    In Adam and Eve: Love Quest you must assist Adam and eve once again on their quest in search for a magical potion. This potio...

    42% play
  • Five nights at Freddy's multiplayer

    Five nights at Freddy's multiplayer

    Five Nights at Freddy's is a franchise that has spawned many games in the series. Now you can play with people from all over ...

    33% play
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