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  • Grindcraft


    In Grindcraft you have to select one of the many items that exist in the world of Minecraft. Choose one of the different obje...

    27% play
  • Mighty Knight 2

    Mighty Knight 2

    The fantastic world of Mighty Knight need your help once again in this sequel. The devil and his army of demons are at it aga...

    18% play
  • Super Mario Crossover

    Super Mario Crossover

    Who doesn’t like Super Mario? This digital plumber is still the most famous videogame character of all times. In this amazi...

    32% play
  • Mario Brothers

    Mario Brothers

    Yes! It is finally possible to play the amusing mini-game from Super Mario Brothers 3 on the NES online with a friend! Mario ...

    48% play
  • Swoooooordss


    Swooooords (yes that is the correct amount of o's) is a homage to the glory days of the isometric dungeon platforming era. St...

    38% play
  • Pacifier Warrior

    Pacifier Warrior

    The pacifier warriors live on the milk bottle planet. One day, they went to adventure together. But their spaceship had an ac...

    27% play
  • Sonic in Mario World

    Sonic in Mario World

    Sonic and Mario aren’t rivals anymore these days. The two appear as cameo’s in each other’s games and assist each other...

    41% play
  • Swords and Sandals 2

    Swords and Sandals 2

    In the sequel of Swords and Sandals our gladiator has been thrown into a dark dungeon. After being locked up for ages he lost...

    46% play
  • The Pyramid Maze

    The Pyramid Maze

    Prepare yourself to go on a quest with a little girl and her father who are going to explore the mysteries of Egypt together....

    37% play
  • Mario's Adventure 2

    Mario's Adventure 2

    Yes! Here is another exciting Mario Hack to play for free online! Mario Adventure is a great remake of the Nintendo classic, ...

    37% play
  • Tomb's Secrets Egypt

    Tomb's Secrets Egypt

    There are lots of secrets to be found that still need to be unearthed in Egypt. Join these two enthusiastic adventurers to be...

    100% play
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